Sapphire Lake, in the High Sierra Mountains, along the John Muir Trail.

Welcome to Dal Brandon's Website

It is June 2012 and I just got back from finishing my last 530 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

This past year has zipped by. I am still working with Kenneth and Antonia Johnson at Clear Talk Mastery, Inc.. Ken and I are still working together in our offices in Long Beach. Little by little, the company has been growing. We are excited.

Carol and I took a trip to Hawaii last year (2010) to celebrate 30 years of marriage. One thing we did there was to take a helicopter tour. That inspired me to begin taking helicopter lessons once we returned home. I now have a private pilot license to fly a helicopter -- its been fun. But I am still working on Carol to get her to fly with me.

In the meantime, I now have four granddaughters! The two new ones are Blake from Tim and Mel and Kalina from Kevin and Sami. These two were born within a month of each other. As of July 2012 they are about three months old.

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