Northern CA, on the PCT in 2006


My sons and I love to go on hiking adventures. For most of the last decade, we have been hiking the 2650 mile long Pacific Coast Trail (PCT), in sections. The PCT is a trail that runs from the USA/Mexico boarder to Canada. Finally, in 2012, I can report that I have finished hiking the entire trail. Below are journals and pictures from the many years that we have worked on and around this trail.

I completed the last 530 miles of the PCT this year (2012). I hiked alone for about 36 days, in Southern California from Idyllwild to Kennedy Meadows. After the first week, I spent another 6 days at home recovering from some very bad blisters. I kept a journal online and pictures that you can see by clicking on the picture to the left. The online journal was originally posted here.
In 2011 we hiked the JMT Northbound. Acutally, we started on the PCT at Kennedy Meadows and hiked to Yosemite, about 270 miles. Three of us went: Me, Wesley, and Andrew. Another perfect trip, 18 days of great fun. As usual, I kept a journal and pictures that you can see by clicking on the picture to the left.
We "Finished" the PCT in 2010. At least Ken finished the entire trail. I accompanyed him and his new wife, Tammay to complete the PCT in entire state of Washington. The trip lasted about 5 weeks, and we covered about 520 miles. I kept an online journal here.. Ken also kept an online journal here.. You can see my journal and my pictures by clicking on the picture to the left.
In 2009, Ken got married, so I looked for new hiking partners. The Shibleys were gracious to invite me on another John Muir Trail adventure. We hiked the entire 220 mile trail in 14 days -- a vast improvment from 8 years ago. It was the most pleasant hike I have done during this decade. I did not keep a journal this time, but I did take lots of pictures. Click the picture to the left to see them.
For 34 days in the summer of 2008 Ken, Wes and I hiked the entire PCT in Oregon (430 miles), starting where Ken and I left off in 2007. It was harder than I expected. Ken kept his journal here. I documented the hike with our new "auto Journal" which can be viewed here here. For a summary of our hike, click on the picture to the left.
In the summer of 2007, Ken and I completed the California section of the PCT. This trip lasted 23 days. We hiked for about 350 miles, and crossed the California/Oregon border. We essentially completed what we started in 2006. Ken kept on-line journal here. I kept a picture and audio journal that you can access by clicking on the picture to the left.
In July 2006, Ken, Wesley, Elliot, and I went for a long (38 day) hike on the PCT, starting where Ken left off the year before. Ken and I both kept trail journals on online. These can be found here: Dal's and Kens's. Ken's, by far, has more pictures. He even posted short videos throughout his log.
In July 2005, I hiked for a few days on the JMT with Wesley and Allen. Our trip was cut short because of the snow, but it was still interesting.
In May 2005, I hiked the first 180 miles of the PCT with Kenneth.
Our beloved JMT Trip in 2004. We call this trip "JMT Revisited". JMT stands for "John Muir Trail", which is one of the best sections of the larger PCT. It is "Revisited", because we also did the same trail in 2001.
A one day hike in July 2005 with the Smiths to the top of San Jacinto.