Getting Ready

Day 0. Saturday July 2, 2005

Start: Beach House in Newport

Stop: On the Road to the Mountains

Mikes Hiked: None

We never went to bed because we were trying to get everything arranged for our hike. Today, I sent three boxes to Vermilion Resort where we planned a resupply. Then I spent hours inputting waypoints into my new GPS. Wes and Allen alternated from goofing off (at least that what it seemed like to me), and trying to prepare. Biggest problem for them was getting Allen a sleeping bag.

Anyway, we worked on packing late into the night. Our plan was to leave the Beach House (in Newport, CA) at 1:00 am, drive during the night to the trailhead and start hiking early in the morning. We were going to go to bed early, say by 9:00pm to accomplish this plan. We never went to bed, but we did leave at about 1:00 am.

Boy, as I get older, I seem to be getting more emotional. I have mixed feeling about this trip. Why again? Why in these conditions (snow)?

After JMT Revisited (in 2004) I said I had had enough of the JMT. I wanted to do some other thru hike, like the PCT in the state of Washington. I secretly wanted to do the entire PCT, but I knew that was out. We had some talk about starting in Tuolumne Meadows (which is the farthest point north on the JMT), and hiking north on the PCT.

All these ideas kept falling through. First, there was the snow. -- so we didn't know when we could count on Highway 120 to Tuolumne to be open. Also, different people kept expressing interest and then dropping out. Kenneth's sore foot played a part. And the schedule: originally, we were going to leave on June 20th, which would have given us a full month to hike.

It would have been suicidal to start on the 20th! Everything was packed with snow. And we had family commitments. There is no way we could start until the 27th.

But even with all these concerns, the real reason that we are doing the JMT again, is the strong personality of my son Wesley. He is very insistent, and he knows what he wants to do. These trips are special to him, and he wants his friends to experience it. Also, he knows he will loose weight on the JMT.

I probably wouldn't have gone, except for the snow. Carol (my wife) and I are worried about Wes, cause we do not think he knows what he is getting into. So I went, as a "help". Not cause I like snow hiking. After all, I had already done my "yearly" hike this year: about 180 miles with Kenneth in May.