Hiking the PCT, 30 miles South of Mt. Whitney.

JMT 2011, Day 3 -- 8/31/11

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Start: 723.0, Stop: 741.0, Miles Hiked: 18.

We expected an easier day today. After all, our packs were slightly lighter, and we didn’t have as much climbing to do. Boy, it didn’t seem easier. In the middle of the day – during our hot climb – I got the old nauseated feeling. I had to do one switchback at a time, take a breathing break at each turn. Haven’t had to do that for years. I think Andrew had the same problems. He doesn’t complain (at all), so we never know how much he is hurting. I told him to tell us when he is in distress – he doesn’t say anything unless we ask him direct, but he acts like he has a slight case of altitude sickness. I am worried that he is not eating enough.

We all have blisters now – but Andrew's is by far the worst, as both his heals are smashed.

We started a little later today: hiking by 7:45. Morning went well, beautiful views of valleys far below us. We climbed to 10500, then dropped to under 9000, then back up to 10800. During the second climb we walked the crest, bouncing up and down hundreds of feet. At one point we could see Owen’s lake bed, an awesome view. Other than being hot, it was a perfect day for hiking.

I was hoping/planning for a 20 mile per day pace, to make our resupply before our food runs out. Since we are not going as fast as I thought – we still might make it if we do 16-19 miles days. The plan is still to do the entire 150 miles to Muir Range without a resupply – so we will eat into our “emergency” food to make it. So far we have done 38 miles, only 122 to go.

With these thoughts in mind, time for sleep.

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Andrew got a nose bleed during the night.
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Morning view over "Big Dry Meadow".
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On the trail.
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Another big meadow.
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Getting ready for camp.
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Camp all set up.