The Trail Continues North

Day 2. Sunday, May 8, 2005

Start: Lake Morena Campground

Stop: Long Canyon Creek Ford

Mikes Hiked: 17.6

(Written night of Day 3.)

On the second day, we got up at 6:30 am, and were hiking before 7:10. I was amazed that all the other PCTers beat us to the trail. The trail was nice. It is much different than the JMT, in that there no huge views, and no water, but still lots of ups and downs. But even with the ups and downs, the trail is amazingly well graded. We actually climbed 3000 feet (I think, must check that). I felt sick, and my body kept cramping whenever I would stop and sit.

Late in the afternoon, I cramped in my leg while hiking, to the point that I could not continue. After a 20 minute struggle to get the cramp to release, I finally got going again. After about 45 minutes later, I caught Ken (that is, I found him) and camped at the "forge". I was so tired and exhausted that I didn't even put up my tent, I just spread out my ground cloth, then my mat, and then climbed into my bag and went to sleep. Actually, Ken made dinner for both of us, and I eat some of that before falling asleep.

Except, that I had cramps all night again. If the cramping continues, I will have to quit hiking altogether.