On Our Way Across The Desert To Felipe Hills

Day 5. Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Start: Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail

Stop: Sandy Wash in San Felipe Hills

Mikes Hiked: 18.3

We did 18.3 miles today. We got up at 7:00 am, after a very nice sleep. Much nicer that in the wind and rain. Started hiking at 7:45, after eating a pop tart for breakfast. Beautiful view, great hike. The trail crossed many crevaces while taking us along the desert floor. We were much higher that the desert floor for much of the morning. After about 4 miles, we dropped down to the desert floor, a and walked across the desert to the mountains on the other side. We could look back on what we did -- was really neat.

I felt good all morning, and was especially pleased to walk across the desert. We had lunch at the other side before the next mountain range. We started the climb at 1:00 pm. The first two hours were "okay". Both Ken and I felt fine. But it was hot. No breeze. And we were going up. After two hours of this I got very tired and wanted to find a place to rest. But there was no shade anywhere, so I kept hiking. After about 3.5 hours of straight hiking, I finally had to sit down, shade or no shade. So I sat in the sun, and rested, but the sun was burning my legs (I only had shorts on). By this point, Ken and I had separated, and Ken was ahead. I had to get going or I might worry Ken. I also ran out of water in my platipus, which means I had already drank 2L of my 5L. After about 20 more minutes of hiking, I found Ken, who had found a shady place to sit (cause not it was close to 5:00pm, and the sun had a little of an angle). We rested some more, and then hiked about another 45 minutes to find a flat sandy spot to camp.

We set our camp next to a bush, only later to find out that there was some anaimal living in the bush. But we had blocked its path to come out. We spent about 10 minutes trying to flush it out to see what it was, but it wouldn't come out. But it has made a racket ever since. I bet it is a bunny.

So far I have used 3.5L of my 5L. It is going to be tight on water. There is a water cash only 4 miles from here. If we hike it in the morning, I should be okay.