The Trail Continues out of San Felipe Hills

Day 6. Thursday, May 12, 2005

Start: Sandy Wash in San Felipe Hills

Stop: San Ysidro Creek

Mikes Hiked: 18.6

"Mike" is his name. He came marching threw this morning while Ken and me were still in our bags.

We took off at 7:45 pm. It was about 4 miles to the next water cash. This included a 1000 foot climb. We both started with about 1.5L, and I drank at least .5L on the way. We hiked fast. I am amazed at how fast we are now, over 2.5 miles/hour, and sometimes near 3 miles/hour. Much faster than on the JMT, in which I never counted on much more that 2 miles/hour. Our speed is even maintained while going up… this would be unheard of on the JMT. In fact, I think I am a little faster going up because my footing is better.

Anyway, we got to the cash at about 9:00 am. The cash was empty! Boy, we hadn't counted on that. Actually, there was 1L left in the cash, and after taking it, both Ken and I had about 1L each, to go another 10 miles. It was going to be a thirsty hike this morning. What to do? Well, the book said that we could take a side trail, and hike down to a ranch, and ask for water there, about 1.5 miles off the trail, and who knows how much elevation lost. No, the obvious answer was just to hike thirsty, and maybe we could get to the next water before it got really hot.

As we started hiking, we found the side trail, and there was a sign that said "Water". For whatever reason, I suggested that we follow the side trail for a few minutes, just to make sure that we weren't missing anything. Lo and behold, we met "Charlie" and "Greg", trail angels, bringing new water to the water cash. If we hadn't been divinely guided, we would have missed them by less that a minute or two. So we got water after all, and we met "Charlie Jones", a famous trail angel. He is featured in a PCT magazine.

(We found out later that the "Charlie" is Charlie Jones from a poster about water conditions on the trail.)

We hiked from the cash over the San Flippa Hills and had some incredible views of this part of California. Beautiful valleys, farm, and ranches. But the hike was tedious -- just like the book said. The PCT is graded so shallow, it takes forever to reach a destination. We finally got to Barrel Springs, 15 miles, at 1:30. Took lunch and a 1.5 hour nap in the first real shade for 24 hours. The place had a trough with running, but untreated water.

At 4:00 pm, we took off for another 4 miles to a creek. The place looked to good that we put down for the night even though Warner Springs is only 4 or 5 miles to go. (We save $55 too, cause we won't be tempted to rent a room.)

The last 4 miles was some of the best hiking yet. Did the full 4 miles in 70 minutes (wow). But it was beautiful: we hiked across rolling plains full of grazing grass.

I have been reading Romans. I never realized how forcefully Paul makes the case that we are "dead" to the LAW. We have died to it. It has no power over us. It shows us right from wrong, but we are to Live by the Spirit -- not codes and regulations! Wow.

Then later tonight, I was reading the Psalms -- esp Psalm 23, and then 24, 25, … not sure how many. But the most important this is to "Trust the Lord". I have tried to put my trust in the Lord regarding Carol and the doctor stuff. I pray for God to handle it.