The cows won't get out of the Way...

Day 7. Friday, May 13, 2005

Start: San Ysidro Creek

Stop: Warner Springs Resort

Mikes Hiked: 4.8

Well, I won’t tell you the "Holy Cow" story, since Ken did a better job than I could. We had a short hike today, only about 5 miles. Beautiful, easy walk from our camp at the creek to the Resort. We got going late, say 8:00 pm, but did the 5 miles in well under 1.5 hours. I rented a room for Ken and me at the Resort. About $100. No phone or TV, but it has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Nice. Two beds! Warm room! Hot swimming pools. Lodge with a restaurant.

We have eaten very well today: a hamburger with fries at the Golf Shop, than a gourmet dinner at the Lodge. Went swimming. Called Carol -- twice. Long talks. Sounds like her medical things are "okay". Praise God -- in so many ways for this: His mercy, his kindness, His Love, His goodness. All for two undeserving people.) I made a final food list, and I will call Carol again with it.

We had a wonderful dinner with "Mike", the guy that past us the previous morning. He is an engineer who works for Motorola, programming cell phones. Turns out that he has a very similar story about the Cows, earlier that day. The cows caught him laying down by the stream with all his expensive equipment spread out and his shoes off.

Eariler, we had lunch with Eric and April. Both PHDs out of MIT. Lots of fun. Their PHDs had lots to do with compression. We had lots to talk about.

Did I already tell you that I took two showers today? That was before going into the pool. Still might take one more.

I had made my mind up, that I was for sure going to leave the trail at Warner Springs. But now that I am here, I am thinking about going on to Idyllwild. So we are planning for that. My blisters are now pretty bad -- I drained them twice today. Not sure I can take another 70 miles.