Day 8. Saturday, May 14, 2005

Start: Warner Springs Resort

Stop: 10 Miles North of Warner Springs

Mikes Hiked: 10.4

Well, Carol came up and resupplied us this morning. She brought so much stuff! We spread it out all over the room and it was like a store. We just picked and choose what we wanted.

The place ("Warner Springs Resort") was weird about letting Carol and Tim into see us. The night before I checked in at the office, and they wanted $25 for a day pass for Carol. This morning I ran into a nice lady that told me that both Carol and Tim could come in until noon for free. Then, when they showed up at 9:00 am, the girl behind the desk insisted that they could only stay for 1 hour. I paid them another $20 to let the stay until noon. What a bunch of sticklers. The lady at the desk, during the night, was nice -- she let me copy the trail data so now I have my own copy. Ken and I don't need to stick together.

Carol and Tim came at 9:00. Nice to see them. More problems getting the pass into the Resort because Tim had no ID.

Tim is excided about building a boat. He showed me the plans that he purchased.

We finally got stuff packed and organized by 11:00 am. Then we had a nice lunch at the golf course. We drove to where we had left off the trail, and Ken and I started hiking at 12:30 pm. We hiked through fields of grass and then by a private campground where some people wished us well. At about 2:30, after many stops, we found another campsite with picnic tables. We stopped to "rest" cause it was hot, and this place was shady. After a few minutes of fit-full sleep, "Kenyon", "Stacy", and "Loren" came along. Nice kids. Seemed to be enjoying themselves. They finally left, and we left about 30 minutes later.

We tanked up at a stream: 6.5 litters, or 13 new pounds of weight. Made my pack extremely uncomfortable, especially with all the food I was carrying. I bet my pack is now near 40 lbs, when a day ago, it was probably less than 20 lbs. Rest of the day was up hill, and hard, and hot. We hiked 10.4 miles in total. A lot of uphill at the end. Beautiful view of the valley below. Its hard to believe that we have come so far since lunch. I was exhausted. Drank over 2L of water today, and we still have 18 miles and 1000' up tomorrow before the next water. All I had for dinner was a bag of cold tuna and a torita.

The sunset was beautiful. Snapped a few pictures.