Results of Recent Fires

Day 9. Sunday, May 15, 2005

Start: 10 Miles North of Warner Springs

Stop: Just Past Nance Canyon Seasonal Creeklet

Mikes Hiked: 21.0

I am laying under a shade tree near a water faucet. It is the only real shade for miles around. Besides Ken and I, we have the three other hikers that we met yesterday: Kenyon, Stacy, and Loren. Stacy and Kenyon are obviously a couple. All are nice. We are bunched pretty tight cause the shade is small. It is hard to carry on a real conversation cause no one wants to pry.

We woke up at 5:15 am, and were on the trail by 6:00 am. We hiked almost 6 hours without a real break, mainly because we could not find shade. We ate lunch at 12:30 under a bush that barly shaded our backs. Then we kept hiking. This water place is 18 miles from where we started this morning. It has an outdoor shower. I took a shower with all my cloths on. We got here at 2:30. It's now 4:00, and Ken is ready to go. We are going to hike another 6 miles to a water cash, and call it a day.

-- Break --

Well, we hiked for a little over an hour to make our daily total just over 20 miles. Like before, we stopped to eat with the idea that we would go further after dinner, but then decided to stay the night instead.

I tried calling Carol, but no signal.

Here is an inventory of what hurts:

1. My feet. New blister on a small toe. Two other, older, blisters on my heels. Also my feet feel slightly like they are sprained.

2. My crouch. I have a terrible heat rash on both legs.

3. Multiple bug bites.

4. I think I might have a bladder infection -- not enough water while hiking.

5. Constant nauseated feeling while hiking, and especially in the morning when I wake up.