My Happy Son

Day 10. Monday, May 16, 2005

Start: Just Past Nance Canyon Seasonal Creeklet

Stop: Live Oak Springs

Mikes Hiked: 18.3

(Written on the night of Day 11.)

We got up and started hiking at 6:15. We quickly pasted the road that we were looking for the night before. And we passed our three friends. They were getting ready to go. We hiked up some ridges and finally to the "Palms-to-palms" highway near Anza. At this point, we were going to have to leave the trail and walk down the highway for a mile to get water.

Accross the highway, Loren had beat us. She came over to tell us that somebody put a water cash near the trail sign. Her two friends split with her to go directly to Idyllwild by hitchhiking. (I guess Kenyon needs new shoes to go on.)

I was able to call Carol. Things are not the greatest at home. Wesley's camera was stolen. Carol is very emotional. At this point, I was exhausted (from 13 long miles in the mountains), and it was clear that the weather didn't look good: wind/clowds going towards the mountains where we were headed. The highway would be a natural pick-up-point. It was hard not to ask for Carol to just come and get me. I told Carol I would be home on Wednesday.

So, at about 2:00pm, Ken and I took off for Idyllwild, with a storm and a mountain in front of us. (Loren took off about one hour before us.)

The wind made it hard to hike. As we got higher, the wind was worse. Finally, we got to a ridge, with a sign. We could detour 1 mile down to a spring and a place to camp (to Live Oak Springs), or keep going on the ridge, in the wind, for at least another 4 miles. I was shot, so I opted to go down to the spring, and give up the precious altitude that we just gained.

Guess who we found at the bottom of the trail? Loren! She had her tent all set up. She looked warm.

We set up our tents, then had a great time talking while each of us made dinner in a common area. "Peter", another guy we met on the trail came also. Peter is from Berkley. Seems like a nice guy, but a very slow hiker.

Loren is quite a woman. She graduated from Brown University, and she is an amazing hiker/camper. Her boyfriend works at MSR.

I staked my tent down real good. Even 500' below the ridge, the wind is still very strong. By the time I hit the sack, early because it is cold, I fell right to sleep (after finishing reading 1 John.)