San Jacinto Mountains on our way to Idyllwild

Day 11. Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Start: Live Oak Springs

Stop: Somewhere above Idyllwild

Mikes Hiked: 17.0

Got up in the canyon with the possibility that we might make Idyllwild today. With that thought, I tanked up with 5L of water.

Ken and I were the last of the campers to start. We were hiking by 6:45. We quickly climbed our way out of the canyon to resume the PCT.

By lunch, I was exhausted again. We did so many climbs and descents! My heat rash hurt so bad! I just wasn't hiking well. Each 1 to 2 mile segment was a 500-1000 foot climb, and then a descent: we keep loosing what we gained. Also, the trail is no longer nicely graded like it was a few days ago. The trail is steep, for both up and down.

Ken kept pushing to go on so that we would put in the mileage and maybe make it to Idyllwild tonight.

I didn't feel good most of the time. We argued (a little) on doing the last real climb before Idyllwild. It was 4:15 pm, but the next "good" campsite was 5 miles away, with another 1100 foot climb. Ken won the argument (our first), and we started off. It turns out that I felt better once the decision was made, and hiked okay for the rest of the day.

After most of the climb was done, we ran into snow, and we lost the trail. We spent about 30 minutes trying to regain the trial, but we finally had to stop, and set up camp because it was getting late.

We are at about 8500' and I am laying besides a snow drift.

Even though today was hard for me, the hiking was absolutely beautiful. We overlooked Psalms Springs for much of the day. We could see mount San Juncito. The trial was carved through rocks and sides of huge mountains. It was an amazing hike.