Saying Goodbye

Day 13. Thursday, May 19, 2005

Start: Idyllwild

Stop: Home in Long Beach

Mikes Hiked: ZERO!

Well, it turns out that Episode III of Star Wars was opening at midnight, last night. So Ken and I went to see it. What fun.

At about 3 am this morning, I called Carol, and talked about the situation at home. It is clear that I need to go home. I had a sleepless night waiting for my brother to arrive to take me home.

Keith arrived at 5:50 am. He and little Keith came into our rooms, and they promptly went to sleep, while I borrowed his car. I shuttled our three friends to a place to where they can rejoin the PCT after Fuller Ridge (which is full of snow). Then I did the same for our friend "Mike".

So, I got back to the hotel room at 7:30, and woke everybody up. We went to the "Red Kettle" again for breakfast. It was a great breakfast. Then back to the hotel room for Ken and me to pack. Ken is packing for a 5 to 6 day trip to get to Big Bear. I am packing to go home. I gave Ken my altitude watch, LCD light, needles, bandages, the rest of my alcohol, and a few other small items.

We finally left the hotel room at 10 am. I took Ken to the same place that we took the others. After snapping a few pictures of him and me, and then him by himself, we left him for the drive home.

I was home by noon. What an emotional trip.