Me, at the start of the PCT

Doing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2005

If you have read about our JMT Trip in 2004 then you know that my son Kenneth has been thinking about doing the entire PCT since that trip.

Well, the real story is that the PCT has been on my mind for years, even before doing the JMT the first time. So I was quite jealous when Ken told me he was doing the PCT this year. In the back of my mind, I was planning to do it next year, or the year after, once all my sons left home, and were safely installed in College. This year was out.

As the time approached for Ken to start his trip, I kept thinking of ways that I could do the entire thing this year. After all, it doesn't seem fair that Ken has only been considering it for less than a year, and he gets to go, whereas I have been thinking about it for 10 years, and still haven't done it. But, there is just no way I can do it this year.

Anyway, after finally admitting that its not going to happen this year, I got the idea that I might tag along with Ken for a few days at the start of his trip. At least I might get a feel for the trail, and really decide if I will do it someday... Also, I might just find a way to do the whole thing this year afterall.

Well, obviously, I didn't go the whole way. Only about 180 miles, which is still respectable for a "quicky" decision to see Ken off on his trip.

What follows are pictures and a journal that I kept for the 13 days that I was gone from home.

Day 1 Log Pictures
Day 2 Log Pictures
Day 3 Log Pictures
Day 4 Log Pictures
Day 5 Log Pictures
Day 6 Log Pictures
Day 7 Log Pictures
Day 8 Log Pictures
Day 9 Log Pictures
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