The Trail is Still Hot After the Rim

Day 3. Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Start: Past Castle-Falls River Mills Road

Miles Hiked: 8.3

Stop: Town of Burney

(N 40 53.192, W 121 39.291)

Audio Journal

Last night was one of the worst nights we have ever spent on the PCT. It was too hot to sleep; and too hot to get into our bags. The bugs bothered us all night. We didnít have a tent to set up to protect us from the bugs.

But, dinner last night was really good: angle hair pasta with tunaÖ Got on the trail and hiked four miles to get to water. But, Ken and I got separated because I didnít stop at an obvious river. It took about an hour to recover and find each other. Now we have a rule that if either of us leaves the trail, we will leave one of our walking sticks on the trail.

The water was at a PG&E plant. Actually it was a very old power station that is still in operation. We donít have pictures to show, but it was neat.

After PG&E we hiked another 4 miles to a highway, where we got picked up by a really nice guy who works at the hotel where we are staying tonight.

We got to the hotel at 12:30 pm, and had the rest of the day to do chores and enjoy the town. Our supply box was way too big, so we decided to send a lot of stuff home. At about 1:30, we had a huge meal. Then another meal for dinner. At dinner Ken felt sick, so he went back to the hotel. We boxed up his dinner.

After dinner, I had a nice, long talk with Carol. Later, during the night, Ken felt better, and ate his dinner out of the box.

Larger Much Larger Huge
Mt. Shasta in the distance. As I said before, we saw Mt. Shasta every day of this years hike.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Ken's long shadow. Its early.
Larger Much Larger Huge
We are off of the rim, but still hot and dry.
Larger Much Larger Huge
For once, I am ahead of Ken!
Larger Much Larger Huge
Tree or Bush? I guess tree.