Unexpected Dam

Day 4. Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Start: Town of Burney

Miles Hiked: 13.1

Stop: Rock Creek

(N 41 01.486, W 121 42.792)

Audio Journal

Up at 7:00 am. Ken continued to sleep. Showered, and then had another nice talk with Carol. Ken still was asleep. So, I went to McDonnellís for breakfast, and ended up talking to an older man who has lived in the area for over 50 years.

Finally, Ken is up at this point. We did our post office business, and then went to breakfast for Ken.

We tried to thumb a ride back to trail, with no luck. (We are not very patient). So we went back to the hotel to ask the same guy for a ride, and he gave us one.

Kenís heal is well doctored, so we almost ran the first 7 miles to Burney Falls, where there is a famous water fall. There is also a store and campground. We had planned to eat at the store and camp, but the store was so disappointing Ė all they had were cheap, DIY, hot dogs. We had a few, but didnít really feel like staying.

We met a few PCTers at the store. I met one guy who didnít look like a strong hiker Ė he looked exhausted. Turns out he had hiked from Mexico, and had decided that today was his last day on the trail. He was a retired fireman who decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his summer at home.

We laid around the store, and Ken doctored his heal over and over again. Then we discovered that he is full of hives, all over his legs. But the hives didnít seem to bother him. Burney Falls didnít seem like a nice place to stay, so we decided to hike on.

We made it to Rock Creek. Had pasta for dinner. Then I discovered that I had the same rash, but not as serious as Ken.

Some facts: Poison oak is everywhere. So much so that we donít even bother warning each other about it. I am so sensitive to it, I am trying to be very careful. Heat and Water continue to be a problem, but not as much as last section.

I am feeling great: knees, feet, ankles doing find. No blisters. Ken has the rash that doesnít bother him, and very bad blisters.

Larger Much Larger Huge
Me, as we approach Burney Falls, famous for it's waterfall.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Larger Much Larger Huge
Burney Falls. Most of the water is actually shooting out of the rock. That is, it is a spring that spits directly into the waterfall. This waterfall is known for it steady and voluminous output.
Larger Much Larger Huge
We unexpectedly came across this cool (and huge) dam.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Another view of the dam as we get closer.
Larger Much Larger Huge
We got to cross the dam on top. The view down is very scary.