Day 8. Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Start: Abandoned Road

Miles Hiked: 24.1

Stop: Town of Dunsmuir

(N 41 12.933, W 122 16.347)

Audio Journal

In the morning, we were immediately passed by three hikers. One was a girl named OJ. She was very pleasant. We leaped froged her all day long, and got to know her a little. She is a reporter. Also we met Warner Springs, who looked like he was day hiking. He is actually trying to break the record for the lowest pack weight. He is carrying a pack that weights only 4 lbs.

By midmorning, we got to a really nice river. We found OJ and Warner Springs there. Warner Springs and I went swimming. I went with all my cloths on – they dried fast.

Later, things seemed to go haywire. I was hit by a bladder problem. Not drinking enough water. I was in distress. We got to the top of the climb and rested for lunch. After a rest and lots of water, I started to feel good again.

We didn’t plan it, but we hiked all the way to Castle Crags. And we got into town. On the way, we had beautiful views of Castle Crags, Mt. Shasta, and Shasta’s little brother.

On the way down, we used Ken’s cell phone (we were near the I5 which has cell coverage) to arrange a ride and a hotel stay.

At the end of the day, I think I was feeling better than Ken. He stayed at the hotel while I went to find food. I found pizza, and brought it back to the hotel. We had a great meal. Its wonderful to have another section done, and be back in town.

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A rare, but cool bridge.
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Its cute.
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A view of Mt. Shasta as we get close to the town of Dunsmuir.
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This is as close to Mt. Shasta from the south that we will get.
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The Castle Crags: our next segment after a break in Dunsmuir.