It's hot in Dunsmuir. Hiking? Forget it!

Day 9. Monday, July 30, 2007

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Start: Town of Dunsmuir

Miles Hiked: 0.0

Stop: Town of Dunsmuir

(N 41 12.933, W 122 16.347)

Audio Journal

We are in the Town of Dunsmuir. We are staying in a Travel Lodge. Sleep in till 8:30. What a change from the trail. We had a great breakfast at cute little café, and ate a lot.

I got to know the town of Dunsmuir. A nice little town. Did all our chores quickly. I spent a lot of time shopping, and sent a gift home for Carol. Spent time in the library. Had a wonderful, but hot time.

Kens blisters are bad, and he decided that his has to give up on his running shoes. So Carol is sending him his boots by way of FedEx. The boots will arrive tomorrow, so we can not leave Dunsmuir until we get them.

This is Monday night, and most of the good restaurants are closed. So back to the Pizza place for dinner.