Ken gets his boots. We can go hiking tomorrow!

Day 10. Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Start: Town of Dunsmuir

Miles Hiked: 0.0

Stop: Town of Dunsmuir

(N 41 12.933, W 122 16.347)

Audio Journal

Back to the same cafť for breakfast.

We had hoped that Kenís boots would arrive early, but FedEx didnít guarantee delivery until 4:30pm. It was another extremely hot day. FedEx didnít come until the very last minute. In fact, I saw the truck go by at 4:28 at the post office. I ran back to the hotel to meet the driver (in the heat), and accused him of being late, so that we could get our $50 back. He showed me his machine that said he delivered the boots at 4:29 and 30 seconds.

At least we got the boots. It was too late to start the trail today, especially in the heat of the afternoon, so we decided to take another zero day Ė for two in a row. I arranged a very early ride with the hotel manager. He has been very nice to us.

We couldnít find a restaurant that appealed to us, so we ate for a third time at the pizza place. I am really ready to leave Dunsmuir.