Our Beloved Tent

Day 13. Friday, August 3, 2007

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Start: Bluff Lake

Miles Hiked: 22.2

Stop: Mosquito Creek

(N 41 13.729, W 122 44.603)

Audio Journal

Another great day. We had to climb back up to the trail from this lake that I was reluctant to go down to last night. But it wasnít too much a problem to get going again. We were back on the trail at 7:30.

As soon as we got back on the trail, I had a rock in my shoe. So I stopped to fix it, and Ken told me was going to go around the bend to take a look. About one minute later I took off after him, and went around the bend. He wasnít there. He had decided to go off to the bathroom, so he placed his hiking poll on the trial, and I never saw it. Thinking he was ahead, I hiked fast to catch him. He, on the other hand waited a few minutes for me, and then realized that I was probably ahead, so he hiked fast to catch me. I stopped at a stream that I knew he would not have passed without me. He found me at the stream. So, we hiked the first 4 miles this morning in record time. I guess our rule about placing our hiking polls in the trail isnít fool proof.

At the stream, I met a guy named named Slo Joe. He is 65 and looked like he could run five marathons. We hiked with him for about an hour and talked. Another nice guy. A father of six girls.

Our pump broke. Now it works at half speed. It took 45 minutes to pump 6 litters of water. That slowed our progress after a great start. But, man, I am really enjoying the hiking. I continue to feel great. Beautiful views.

At about mid afternoon we crossed a highway. After the highway the character of the trail changed significantly. Rougher and uphill. Ken and I are convinced that we hike faster uphill, even though it takes more energy to go up. At the top of the climb, I realized that I had a sour stomach, probably due to overwork.

At this point we had hiked 20 miles, our daily quota. But water was still 2 miles away, so we kept going. At the water, we found Slo Joe again, eating dinner. After his dinner, he continued to hike. We thought we might do the same, but we decided to stay the night. Itís a nice place.

The only bummer is that our pump is on the blink. It takes a lot longer to pump, and we need lots of water. I am sure that I drank over 2 gallons of water today. The pump is really slowing us down.

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The lake we stayed out, as we climb back up to the PCT.
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Where, oh where, will the PCT take us today?
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A rattle snake -- taken with a shaky camera.
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We watched the cows in this beautiful meadow as we ate lunch.
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Typical scenery...
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The Castle Crags are back! Now we are looking at them from the North.
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Our beloved tent. It keeps the bugs out, but I am not sure how it handles rain.