A Field in the Town of Etna

Day 16. Monday, August 6, 2007

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Start: Statue Creek

Miles Hiked: 0.0

Stop: Town of Etna

(N 41 27.592, W 122 53.697)

Audio Journal

I woke up about 7:00. I lay in bed thinking about things. I thought we could turn our bounce box around in an hour, buy our food in the next hour and be back on the trail well before noon. That was my plan. I took a shower while Ken slept, thinking about getting back on the trail.

When Ken awoke, he had a completely different notion. He said that we just finished a 100-mile section, and we should take the day off. So we did. We went with his plan, and I had a wonderful time relaxing in Etna.

I went to get our bounce box at the post office. In the post office, they had pictures on bulletin boards of all the service men and women from this area that served in the armed forced since the 1800s. It filled three boards – very moving.

Rest of the day we enjoyed, even enjoyed our chores. We even washed our “in-town” cloths.

Since our pump is broke, we need a way to purify water for the next section. We researched the use of bleach. I got Carol to buy us another pump and send it to the next town that we will be at. So bleach for the next few days until we can get our hands on the pump. Unfortunately, bleach does not kill 100% of Giardia. But it is the best we can do.

Two more huge meals: a wonderful breakfast and a wonderful dinner.

When evening came, Ken took a walk, and came back excited about the colors in the sky. That encouraged me to take a long walk before bed. Wonderful. It was cool, stars beautiful.

We are ready to go for tomorrow.

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A wonderful machine at the hotel.
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I talked to Carol for hours at this spot at the end of the hotel.
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A field in Etna, right outside our hotel, that we walked across to do our laundry.
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The door to our wonderful room. We took a full zero day here.
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