Beautiful Knobs in the Marble Mountain Wilderness

Day 18. Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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Start: Marble Valley

Miles Hiked: 22.4

Stop: Third Footbridge over Grider Creek

(N 41 45.804, W 123 13.332)

Audio Journal

We slept in. It felt so good to sleep. We were hiking by 8:30. First part of the day was a continuation of the up and down type of hiking.

In the morning, the miles were hard to come by. For example, we only hiked about 5 miles for two hours. After two big climbs and drops in the morning, we started a very long decent.

We had lunch on top of a ridge. Then after lunch, I donít think we ever took a break, until we stopped until after 6:30.

The last part of the day, now that we are in lower elevation, the trail was super overgrown. Overgrown trail is not my favorite type of hiking.

We are feeling strong. We are camped in a gully along a creek. Bugs are not too bad, which is a good thing because I donít think there is enough room for the tent.

Larger Much Larger Huge
The site of our camp last night.
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As we walk out of Marble Mountains, these mountains still have class.
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Beautiful and natural meadow.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Such a nice trail.
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There is a name for that knob, but I forgot what it was.
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The knobs here are very stately.
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Seiad valley is down there somewhere. We are going to stay there tomorrow.
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Forest walking and poison oak on the way down to the valley.
Larger Much Larger Huge
This is the sort of trail that I like to avoid, but it is still pretty nice.