Last Footbridge on the way to Seiad Valley

Day 19. Thursday, August 9, 2007

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Start: Third Footbridge over Grider Creek

Miles Hiked: 10.3

Stop: Seiad Valley

(N 41 50.529, W 123 11.732)

Audio Journal

We had slept in a gully, right next to the river. Listened to the river all night – it was nice.

Had to fight our way through all this brush. Just like last night. I expected the same all the way to town, but after a mile or so, the trail opened up again, and hiking was nice.

We had about 10 miles to hike to get to town. We got to town at 10:10 which means our hiking speed was fantastic.

Seiad Valley looked like just a “road” – no town was found. The town actually consisted two fire stations, an RV park, and one building. The building held a post office, a grocery store, and a café. Pretty convenient.

We washed our clothes, and for $7 the RV guy rented us a place to stay on the grass. It was nicely set up for hikers: TV, tables, books to read… But no cell coverage. We had to use the pay phone next to the store.

Turned out there was WiFi – so Ken could access the Internet and send his journal even though he couldn’t talk to anybody on his phone.

I talked to a lot of the locals of the RV park. Then we met a PCTer named “Deacon” who really encouraged me about my dad.

Ground was soft. Had a nice sleep.

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The last footbridge on the way down to Seiad Valley.
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One of Ken's flower pics.
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The bridge over Klamath River. We had to walk 6 miles out of the way to use this bridge, the only one for miles around over Klamath River.
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A view of Klamath River from the bridge.
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This is probably the most significant building in the town of Seiad Valley.