A hiker's Dream

Day 22. Sunday, August 12, 2007

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Start: Oregon

Miles Hiked: 16.0

Stop: Town of Ashland

(N 42 11.592, W 122 42.432)

Audio Journal

Today we are finally done with the trail. We are finished! What a trip it has been.

We started at 7:45. We expected a 5 or 6 hour hike. The first part of the hike consisted of 1500 foot climb which went by so easy I could not believe it. The miles were going by so fast that we had trouble matching the data book to our location.

Absolutely no problems: hiking bliss. I felt wonderful. We hiked a long the mountains tops, overlooking great scenes. Really neat.

At 10:00am, we came across trail angle magic, were somebody provided cold sodas along side of the trail.

At lunch we came across a picnic table, with running water that a private land owner provided. What a blessing.

At lunch, we met a wonderful dog that, at first, grabbed Kenís sock and took off with it. We got it back be temping the dog with peanut butter. Playful dog.

Two hours later we got to the end of the trail. And made it to the I5.

A trail runner gave us a ride to Ashland! No thumbing necessary.

Ashland is a beautiful place. Wonderful architecture.

Our hotel had free washing facilities! Then we had a great dinner. Then we watched the latest Bourn movie. It was a celebration of a wonderful hike.

Larger Much Larger Huge
We start our last day of hiking right on the crest. We have 16 miles to go.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Crest views.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Natural destruction in the forest.
Larger Much Larger Huge
My profile.
Larger Much Larger Huge
The moon! Actually, its a Radar dish.
Larger Much Larger Huge
This private land owner allows the PCT to pass through his land, and he is very nice to PCT hikers.
Larger Much Larger Huge
A very playful dog, after we recovered our sock that he took.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Another pic of our new friend.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Getting close to the end.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Even at the end, Shasta is still with us. There is no doubt that we are due North of it.
Larger Much Larger Huge
An interesting part of history.
Larger Much Larger Huge
The I5! Our ending point. But we still had 15 minutes of hiking left.
Larger Much Larger Huge
The END of an almost perfect hike, 350 miles after we started.