Leaving Oregon and Going Home

Day 23. Monday, August 13, 2007

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Start: Town of Ashland

Miles Hiked: ZERO!

Stop: Home in Newport Beach

Well, after trying to pay for a separate ride to Yreka, which is 40 miles south of Ashland, and where we can rent a car, I finally got the car rental place to come get us for $40. (That was a deal.)

We left the hotel at 9:00, and had the rented car to ourselves by 10:30. We left Yreka, which is just sound of Oregon, and drove all the way back to Long Beach, CA. We got into Long Beach at 9:00pm, and got the rental car turned back in by 10:00.

Guess what? Kevin and Sami were waiting for us in Long Beach. How nice to see them! We got back to our Beach House in Newport by 11:00pm and now I am home with my wife!!!

I lost 13 lbs on this hike. I had so much fun it is hard to describe.

Larger Much Larger Huge
The drive home. Shasta.
Larger Much Larger Huge
This is Shasta's little brother.
Larger Much Larger Huge
A dust storm along the I5.
Larger Much Larger Huge
Home at last. (But we feel like we could easily turn around and go back.)