Ken and I on top of Mt. Grizzle with Mt. Shasta in the Background

Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007

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After last year’s disappointing end, I have wanted to complete what we started and get to Organ. As the year flew by, it has been in the back of my mind. I thought I could do it a week at a time. But the ten-hour drive to Old Station was just too much of an obstacle. And Ken, my PCT enthusiast, did not seem too interested in getting back on the trail, so the summer of 07 arrived without any plans for a hike -– the first such summer in many years.

Then, Google Earth came out with an upgrade. The upgrade allows an author to associate a location with a customized message, which can consist of a picture and text. That is, a location can have a journal entry. Ken started to put his old journal entries into Google Earth, to make an amazing way to tell about his past hikes. All this brought back all sorts of memories of the trail.

Almost at once, we got out our calendar and blocked out three weeks for a hike. It wasn’t easy making the room in the days. A lot of software had to be completed first.

And Carol, my wife, was appalled. “What!, another hike! Are you kidding? I thought you were going o take this summer off.” Carol has always been our faithful ground crew and our strongest supporter. This time she was miffed at me. But, being stubborn, I decided to go anyway.

Preplanning and packing was easy – just a day or so, and much of that was spent getting Ken a new camera and a new internet enabled phone so he can log his journal as we hike.

But even so, the weeks leading up to our departure were more hectic than normal. There were many obligations to meet (or wiggle out of). Finally, on Sunday July 22, 2007, we got up at 5:30 am for our ten-hour car ride back to the trail.

What follows is a picture (and audio) journal that I kept for the 23 days that we were away from home.

Please note, the audio journal is long and boring. Only listen to it if you are really patient. I tried to summarize what happened each day in text.

By the way, Ken posted a day-by-day journal as we hiked. You can find his journal for this year here.   Last year we both posted as we hiked. Since this story is really a continuation of that hike, you might want to look at last year's journals, which are posted here (for Ken), and here (for me).

Finaly, if you have Google Earth, you can see the entire PCT by downloading this file. Get Google Earth here.The lat/long locations in each day's log can be clicked on to see a view of that location in Google Earth.


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