Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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At the Hotel In Medford *Update*

Friday, Aug 01, 2008 10:33 PM

Lat: 42.3236

Long: -121.9341

Google Earth KML file: Download.

We drove about 100 miles extra to take one of our resupply boxes to Fish Lake. We did that instead of mailing it and paying $140 to get it there in time for us. It made for a very long day of driving.

It felt like cheating to visit a place by car that we will be hiking to. But, oh boy, did the excitement level go up when we got to see where we will be hiking. I cannot wait to start tomorrow.

Fish Lake it about 60 miles of hiking, and we probably will be out of cell phone range, so we may not be able to update this journal for a few days

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