Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Last Night of Section B *Update*

Monday, Aug 04, 2008 07:27 PM

Lat: 42.3405

Long: -122.2843

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It was hard to find this campgroung. It was the only flat place for many miles. But it had lots of bugs. Bees. Wesleys most hated hiking hazzerd. We decided not to set up the tent to proctect us from the bugs cause we didn't want to squish toghter.

At this point we hiked over 50 miles in three days and we are pretty beat up. Wes has the most problems with blisters, mussle problems. He really is in bad shape; and he is eatting very little cause he wants to lose weight. However he continues to truck down the trail.

Ken has major sore feet and a few blisters. He is doing okay but he is not his 25 mile/day self. I am actually doing pretty good, no blisters or knee problems. Also, so far, I haven't had trouble with my back. I still have episodes of nausea, which is part of getting into shape for me. I am managing these much better than on prior hikes.

This section has been the easiest section on the PCT. It is also beautiful. I have no idea what the guide book had in mind by telling us that is was not worth hiking. We have had a great time.

Tomorrow, we need to hike only about 6 miles to finnish the section. We plan to spend a near-zero day at a fishing resosrt, where we can pick up our resupply box. Also we are planning to do our in town chores, and eat in their resturant. Should be lots of fun.

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