Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp of Day 12 *Update*

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008 08:21 PM

Lat: 43.3981

Long: -122.0598

Google Earth KML file: Download.

We did our longest day today, 20 miles. It was also my hardest. I was absolutely beat by the time we stopped. And the last two miles was all uphile. I am definitely not as in good shape as last year, at least yet.

Let me tell you about the end of this day. We get to a flat place up high on the mountain and put down our ground covers and lay down. I am drinched in sweat. Mosquitos swarming every where. I am too exhausted to do anything about it. Dinner needs to be cooked. I feel awful and don't want to move. I am filthy, especially my hands. I am getting cramps. How could things be worst?

Then things start to improve. While Ken and Wes use the stove, I use a few drops of water to wash my hands, then use purell, and then apply some deet (we have very little left). Next, I change out of my hiking cloths and put on my PJs with rain cloths over that. Now, mostly protected from mosquitos, and dry, I start to feel much better. Its now my turn to cook. I make Mac-and-Cheeze. While I am eating, laying down, Ken puts up the tent over my head. (He gets bite about 50 times while setting up the tent.) Finally, I slide into my sleeping bag, and I feel wonderful, if not a little dirty.

So that is trail life. Things seem to swing from total mizery to pretty good. I forgot to mention that right before we stopped hiking we were on top of a pass where we could see for what seemed like 50 miles. It was magnificent.

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