Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp for Day 13 *Update*

Wednesday, Aug 13, 2008 08:05 PM

Lat: 43.5535

Long: -122.1309

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Today we hikied. We wantted to do 20 miles so that we would have a short day tomorrow when we go into town.

We got a late start: 8:45 am. The hiking in the morning was pleasant and easy. All downhill to the lake where we had lunch. The lake was beautiful and clean. We had a long lunch and I went swimming, and washed my cloths. I felt great.

The hiking after lunch was hard. It was hot. We were pushing to get our 20 done. The trail was all uphill. I think all of us had trouble hiking. I did, I was hurting and wantted to stop. Finally we came to a hidden valley with lots of snow and a creek flowing out of it. Wes made hiker snow cones while Ken pumped a few litters of ice cold water. What a nice refressment. I was rejuvenated. (Except for the mosquitos which where terrible.)

After our break we expected a nice easy, smooth downhill trek, similar to this morning's hike. But we were to be denied. Although the trail mainly sloped down, it was very rough, lots of ups and downs, and we kept visiting stagnant ponds and melting snow. The mosquitos grew worse and worse untill we could not stand it anymore. We stopped at the most convient flat spot we could find, quickly set up the tent, and dived in to get away from the mosquitos.

Cooking was difficult. Ken was our heor. He layed half out of the tent and cooked for us all while taking many bits from mosquitos.

Did I mention that we are out of mosquito repellant? Cann't wait to get into town tomorrow and buy more.

It has been a hard day, partlly because of the hiking and mostly because of the mosquitos. But it looks like we made our 20 afterall. Cool.

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