Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Day 14, A Day Off In a Cabin *Update*

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008 12:09 AM

Lat: 43.5783

Long: -122.0396

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We got up at 7:00 am. Mosquitos still terrible. So many, almost blinding. We booked it out of here, for any easy two hour downhill hike to the cabin in the picture.

We were expecting the worse. No PO address. Only one washer/dryer. Very expensive cabins. No resturant. Very limited store.

Shelter Cove turned out to be great. At first they said they had only a $250 cabin. Then when we inquired about laundry, suddenly they had a cabin that was equipped with its on washer/dryer, and was only $150. What a deal. The cabin turned out to be a honeymoon suite. Big, clean, and fully equipped. Wow. Its amazing what the difference between different resorts, for the same price. The cabin at Fish Lake was a dump. This one is excellent.

Our only problem was that our resupply box wasn't here. It accidentally mail to Shelter Cove PO address which is 27 miles down the road. The owner called the PO for us and the box was there. Now the problem was how to get it. The owner only makes the drive once a week and had no plans to go back, or have any of his empolyees go back. I asked if I could pay, and he was unclear about what I could do. So we decided to enjoy the day and not worry about food untill tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I checked again at the store and the clerk was unhelpful. She said the owner went home for the day. So we started thinking about what was next...

We assinged Wes the job of cooking dinner, and he had to go back to the store to buy supplies. He returned with our resupply box! The owner had driven over an hour on our behalf to retrieve our box. Amazing.

So it looks like we are ready for our next section. Its been a great day. We are having so much fun here, we are thinking about leaving late in the morning.

One last thing,Wes made a great diner. First course was onion rings fries in olive oil. Then a wonderful spaggettie main course.

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