Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp for day 15 *Update*

Friday, Aug 15, 2008 07:41 PM

Lat: 43.6616

Long: -121.9831

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Today we left Shelter Cove at about noon. What a nice stay we had. Besides all the nornal stuff like showers and Laundry, they had wifi. Before leaving we spent about an hour on their picnic table accessing the internet with our phones. We even got skype working on our phones (without video).

We hiked about 11 mikes, 10 of which are in the next section, section E. It was hot. And uphill. We climbed and dropped over 1000 feet and walked by many beautiful lakes.

We miscalculated the amount of water to carry. About 2 miles before getting to the lake whre we are campped, we ran out of water. Its amazing how quickly your throat drys up without water while hiking in the heat. We were very glad when we arrived at the lake.

By the way, the mosquitos problem is much better today. I guess the last section was mosquito alley, at least compared to this section. The store at Shelter Cove was out of deet, so I bought a large spray can of some other kind of repellant. I think we are ready for any kind of mosquito population that we might find.

Because of the heat and the fact the next water is 7 miles down the trail, we stopped hiking at 5:00 pm. I went in for a swim. Water was great. Then Wes and me played a game of gin to determine who had to pump water. I lost baddly and had to pump almost 10 litters for our dinner and tomorrow's hike.

We decided to put up the tent because of the mosquitos. But still they are nearly as bad as a few days ago.

We met some hikers who told us the temp will be 100 degrees tomorrow. We are pllanning to get up early and get some miles in before the heat kicks in.

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