Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp Day 16 *Update*

Saturday, Aug 16, 2008 08:08 PM

Lat: 43.8971

Long: -121.9309

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A strange day on the trail. First, we got up early so we could beat the heat before lunch. That worked, as we put in 13 miles before lunch.

In the morning we hiked through a race. This race was to see who can run the fastest for 63 miles along a trail. We hiked though various aid stations set up to aid the runners. We talked to people involved. Sure enough we started to be passed by the runners. They were really moving. Can you imagine running for 6 to 7 hours on trails that go up and down? It is mind boggeling. I am also amazed at the vast difference of what one human can do compaired to another.

After the race we hiked through a burnt forest. It went on for miles. So sad to see so much lumber go to waste.

For lunch we stopped at a lake. It was really hot. Ken and Wes took a nap while I went swimming.

After lunch we got a late start because of the heat. We started hiking at 3:30. We wantted to go another 10 mille. The trail was hidden in the trees so we never got a view and we lost track where we were. The last part of the day was a march to get to a suitable spot... We pulled into camp at 7:00. We were all exhausted. It was getting dark and looked as if it might rain. And the mosquitos were almost as bad as our worse night with them three nights ago.

We got the tent up, water pumped, and dinner cooked. I got to eat my hot dinner in the tent as we got our first real rain storm with loud thunder and very bright lighting. That was fun.

We think was we campped by Tadpole lake. I think this was confirmed as I write this, as a frog just crawled into our tent a jump onto my arm.

I decided today, that although I am enjoying the hike, and very happy to be doing it, Oregon is my least favorite of the entire PCT. Most of the hike is viewless. We are walking though forests. The forests are beautiful, but I like to be up high on top of mountains where you can see where we have been and where we are giong.

But the absolute most hateful thing about this trail is mosquitos. I thought they were getting better, but they are as bad as ever. Because of the mosquitos I don't very want to come back here again.

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