Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp For Day 17 *Update*

Sunday, Aug 17, 2008 07:25 PM

Lat: 43.9806

Long: -121.8074

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We took an unplanned detour and ended up at another resort for the night. This is the way it came about... After yesterday's long haul we got up a little late. The conditions were awful... Hot, muggy, and a billion mosquitos. But we were hiking by 8:15 am.

Hiked through a wet forest, mosquitos everywhere. Because of the mosquitos we hadn't pumped much water last night so we stopped at the first acceptable lake after about an hour of hiking. Then, just like last year, our pump broke. (Its an MSR Sweetwater. The third we broke. I think we wlll try another brand.)

Anyway, the pump failure necessitied a close look at the maps so we could hike to a really good source of water. That's when we discovered that Elk Lake Resort was only 11 miles away, and only 1 mile off trail. Wow, not only could we get good water and maybe a soda, but also something to help purify water for the next two days. Sure beats boiling water.

So we almost ran to the resort. Got here before 3:00 pm. We took showers, did some laundry, and had a huge dinner (Hambuggers). We also got some bleech to treat our water. And a perfect campsight will lots of firewood. No mosquitos. We are so happy! And its raining! We are sitting around the fire while it is sprinkling on us.

Its really nice to get a break from this yucky trail. The mosquitos make it almost intolerable. Even with lots of repellant and a head net they still find ways to bike. The head net is hard to see though, so when I don't ware it I am either swallowing mosquitos, or getting bite on my beard. If we stop for even a minute the number of mosquitos buzzing around you increases by a factor of ten.

With that in mind, maybe you can appreciate how much we like these resort days... We should be back on the trail tomorrow, refreshed and ready to face what it gives. Hopefully it will be better than the last few days. The forcast is a high chance of rain.

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