Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp Day 18 *Update*

Monday, Aug 18, 2008 06:54 PM

Lat: 44.1153

Long: -121.8115

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In one day everything changed! It seems like we have been magically transported to a different country.

It rained much of the night last night. Thunder and lighting. It was a magnificent show. The insides of the tent would strobe all white and then a few secounds later very loud thounder would sound. In the meantime we would hear thousands of rain drops hitting the sides of our tent... Best part was that we were warm and dry in our sleeping bags. Our homemade tent worked perfectly. Camping is so fun when things work correctly.

But, because it was still raining at 6:00 am when we first woke up, and then still raining at 7:00 am when we woke again, we did get out of the tent by 8:00. (It finally had stopped raining.)

We thought that the resort opened at 7:00. Since we were late anyway, we decided to have breakfest at the store. Turns out that they actually opened at 9:00. With our hearts set on bacon and eggs, we stuck around. The resort people treated us like VIPs, giving us coffee before they opened, while denying other guests.

With a wonderful breakfest in our bellies, we finally got off at 10:00 am. It was a cloudy and drak day. The temperature must and been 15 degrees lower than any of our previous days. A delight to hike in. An occasional mosquito but nothing like the last days. And finally the trail opened up; we hiked out of the forest into beautiful fields and meadows. All a wonderful change. And we are close to the Three Sisters, three very large mountains next to each other. As the clouds move by we could see different parts of them. As we hiked we got an occasional sprinkle of rain... We ate lunch in a huge meadow--I forgot to take a picture.

As the afternoon wore on, the clouds started to get thicker and thicker. At about 5:30 it was clear we were about to be poured on as the dark clouds were accompanied by thunder and lighting. We just happened to make it to our first possible stopping place for the night, near a cool lake, situated right below one of the Sisters.

Sure enough it started pouring as we got our tent set up. It took a little more adjustments to get it right, partly because of the wind. It rained pretty hard while we made dinner (with the usuall thunder and lighting). But it cleared up somewhat after dinner, and we got magnificent views of the Southern Sister, with clouds blowing by it.

What a wonderful day on the trail. Big change from some of the previous days. Unlike what I said before, I might recommend this part of Oregon for another visit.

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