Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Day 19 *Update*

Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008 09:05 PM

Lat: 44.2953

Long: -121.5617

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Its been another wondweful day hiking in this beautiful wilderness. Most of the day we were up high next to the Three Sisters. Lots of clouds and cold weather. Breaks in the clouds gave us beautiful views. We even climbed a pass. It was over a lava flow, but otherwise it was much like Sierras, my favorite.

We started hiking at 7:00 this morning. We had 17 miles to go to finish this section at highway 242. The last part of the day, we started to drop down out of the Three Sister's wilderness. It was rough hiking, lots of ups and downs. Finally, with about 3 miles to go, the trail smoothed out for easy hiking. Then with one mile to go, the trail turned abruptly East though a gigantic lava field. The trail twisted and turned, going up and down, with no visibility of where we were headed. It reminded me of the Lord of the Rings when Fodo was working his way toward Mount Doom.

Finally, and suddenly, the highway appeared. Now the problem was how to get a hitch for 16 miles the the town of Three Sisters. We tried to thumb for 45 minutes, with no luck. No body wants to stop for three dirty hikers with packs. We checked a few times for cell service so maybe we could call a hotel for a ride. No cell sevice on the highway. We sent Ken to climb a small hill to look for cell service. as he was doing that, a 3rd grade school teacher stopped and offered us a ride. Some people are so friendly and kind, its amazing.

He drove us all the way to the post office so that we could get our bounce box, and then to a hotel. Wow. We showered and then walked to a nice, sit-down resterant. We had a hugh dinner. Then to the grocery store on the way back to ghe holel for a gallon of ice cream.

We are pretty happy. We plan to take our second zero day tomorrow.

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