Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp, Day 23

Saturday, Aug 23, 2008 05:55 PM

Lat: 44.5515

Long: -121.8038

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We got our latest start yet: 10:00 am before we set foot on the PCT. But it was beautiful hiking. Lots of climbing to the tops of many mountains. We had some wonderful views. Yet, because the trail is no longer flat, and because of our late start, and because we found a great campsite near a lake, and because Wes wantted to cook a large, complicated dinner for me and him, we stopped early, before 6:00. As a result we and a poor milage day, less than 13 miles.

Wes cooked a "community" dinner for him and me. It was the biggest undertaking for dinner we ever tried. We had taco/burrito combo. It took all three of our pots, it involved two cans of beef and refried beans, and a bag full of chese, and even an onion. Since we used the pots to cook in, we had nothbing to eat on. It was messy. On top of that all three pots now have a permanent burn spot, something that we have avioded for over 1000 miles of hiking. But it sure was a good dinner.

We heard that the resort which is our next stop migth be closed. If so we will be short a dinner before we finish this section, especially if we don't pick up our pace. So we are going to turn in early tonight to see if we can get a better start tomorrow.

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