Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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End of Trail, Day 26 *Update*

Tuesday, Aug 26, 2008 05:28 PM

Lat: 44.8137

Long: -121.7903

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Some beautiful trail today. It was a wonderful day. Absolutely blue skys, no rain or even clouds. So clear after the storms. We hiked out of Jefferson Park, which involved climbing up to a high pass. From there we took a side trip and climbed the mountain next to the pass. What a view! We could easily see Mt. Hood. Many of the mountains below us had clouds intermixed with their peaks. It really make us feel high. We took a group picture.

From there we hiked to a cool lake, which had a drive-in camp ground. The lake was interesting because it was on an indian reservation, and controlled by the indians. The campers at the lake really wantted us to meet the indians, and walked us over to their camp, but the indians weren't there.

Form the lake where we had lunch, we hiked to the resort were we had planned a mini resupply. Sure enough, as we were told many times, the resort was closed. The place seemed like a ghost town, totally abandoned. The only food we had left would feed us for tonight. And we were in the middle of no where.

The resort had a dirt road that led away from it. We decided to look around, along that road, for help. Ken and Wes found a lady with a pickup truck draggging a camper. Turns out she was leaving the camper full of food for her brother who is doing the PCT and is expected to arrive at the (closed) resort in the next few days. She was about to drive back into town, over an hour away on the dirt road. She offered us a ride! So now we are in this tiny town, called Detroit. It has one gas station, two motels, one grocery store, and one resturant. We have a room, and had a big dinner. We are washing our clothes.

Best yet, the same lady who gave us a ride today is going back tomorrow. And she said we could get a ride with her. So we should have no problem getting back to the trail with plenty of food.

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