Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp, Day 28 *Update*

Thursday, Aug 28, 2008 06:13 PM

Lat: 45.0054

Long: -121.7181

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Cold. Really cold. That's what we were last night. We cowboy camped last night (no tent). It was a perfectly clear, moonless night. The stars were beautiful. But we got doused with condensation. I mean realy wet. Our goose feather filled sleeping bags lose all ability to keep you warm if they get wet. They were wet last night. I shivered from about 3:00 untill 6:00 when we got up. Normally on cold mornings we sleep in, but this morning we couldn't wait to get up. As soon as it started to get light we jumped up and start a big fire. This is the first time my $400, super lite, super compact, and super warm sleeping bag failed me. Actually, I failed it by letting it get so wet. Gotta be more careful.

You would think because we got up so early, we would have been hiking really early. We did get an early start (on trail by 7:30), but not as early as it could have been because we stood around the fire for a long time. Also, a first: Wes was the first to be ready to go.

We had a great day hiking. The time and miles few by. Finaly we are hiking at the pace I remember from last year. We did almost 14 miles before lunch. It helped that the traill is smooth and cleared of debris. I only had to step over two fallen trees for the entire 14 miles.

We had a long lunch, and still finished the day with 21 miles. Almost the entire time was spent walking through forest in rolling hills. It was a nice day, and th forest provides pleny of shade but I would rather be up high, with views.

Ken and I got a real supprise and a wonderful treat from Wesley tonight. He secertly carried three sodas for dinner. Then he soaked them in cold spring water before dinner. Then he presented them to us right as we started to eat dinner. Wow.

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