Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Camp, Day 29 *Update*

Friday, Aug 29, 2008 06:23 PM

Lat: 45.1976

Long: -121.7535

Google Earth KML file: Download.

Hiked. That pretty must describes what we did today. Up at 7:30, on trail by 8:30. Hiked trough rolling foresrts with no veiw for 3 hours and then had lunch by a road. Hiked for another 2 hours around a very big lake. Then we took another break and went swimming in the lake. That was the highlight of the day. Then we hiked untill dinner time.

We are campped by a spring.

The trail is still easy. Mostly flat, but we get an occasional climb or descent lasting a few hundred feet.

We are looking forward to getting to another resort tomorrow. This resort should be holding our resupply box.

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