Continuing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008

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Night, Day 34 *Update*

Wednesday, Sep 03, 2008 10:12 PM

Lat: 45.6632

Long: -121.8980

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The picture is me with ice on my knee. I haven't admitted it till now that I have been hiking with a sore knee. It started in Three Sister's, over 150 miles ago. It hasn't gotten better.

After all the downhill yesterday, my knee was particularly sore today. That was a big factor in our decision to put off Washington until next year. So we are officially done with hiking this year. We are going to start to make our way home.

We are sad to leave the trail. The trail has some sort of hold over us. Its been a great year, and we completed our original goal. Its been a harder hike than I anticipated, partly because of my knee, but also because of the other factors that I already wrote about. Going on into Wastington, with its rougher trails and its likely colder weather just doesn't seem like the prudent thing to do.

Wesley is the most disappointed. He wants to stay away from home. I have some of that feeling too, but I have a wonderful wife to return to. And, Ken and I have more experience at letting go of the trail and picking up where we left off in the following year.

So tomorrow we are going into Portland to rent a car and drive home. We plan to take our time getting home. We are going to visit a suesee place and then do some dirt biking on Mammoth mountian. And maybe look at a few cabins in June Lake (for a possible Christmas vacation).

So, although the hiking is done, our trip isn't completely over yet.

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