Pacific Crest Trail in 2010: WASHINGTON

Journal and Pictures:      First Day     Last Day    

In 2008, Ken, Wes and I completed the PCT in Oregon. At the time, there was some thought of completing Washington too, but we decided that we didn't have enough time, nor the right equipment to finish Washington that year. Also, I was hiking with a bum knee that was really slowing me down. So we decided in 2008 to go home at the Oregon/Washington border and finish the PCT in 2009. Well, in 2009, Ken got married to Tammy, and the trail was the farthest thing from his mind.

In fact, after Ken got married, I decided it was unlikely that we would ever finish the trail together, because what new wife (any wife?) would allow their husband to abandon them for a five week vacation? Instead, it was likely that Ken and Tammy would have kids, and I would do Washington alone in some future year. Well, what a surprise when Tammy suggested that she come along with me and Ken, and that we all do it together.

So that was how this trip was conceived. I invited Paul to come with us, and he did. So the four of us started together on the Trail on August 1, 2010. Paul only had two weeks to hike, so he left early. Then Tammy left to return to her teaching job after 325 miles. Ken and I finished together on September 7th.

Both Ken and I kept trail journals on They can be found here and here. This site contains a picture log of pictures I took along the way. I also reposted my trail log next to each days pictures.

Thanks for your interest... Dal.