Three of us at Long Beach Airport, ready to leave for 5 weeks.

PCT 2010, Day 1 -- 8/1/10

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First Day

After lots of careful planning and months of anticipation the first day went without a hitch. The goal for the first day was to travel from Long Beach, CA to Cascade Locks, OR and hike at least 5 miles. That is, we didn't want to spend time in motels on our way to the trail.

We got up at 4:30am and my wife drove us to the airport for our 7:00am flight to Portland. In Portland we took a taxi to a sports store so that we could buy gas canisters for our stove. Then on to Cascade Locks. Next, we walked to a grocery store for lighters and gatorade bottles. Then a stop for lunch at a hamburger stand.

Being in Cascade Locks brought back memories of the end our 2008 hike two years ago. We stayed here for two days trying to decide if we should continue or go home. It's really nice to be back and healthy (no knee problems).

We finally started hiking a few minutes before noon. We walked across the Bridge Of The Gods. Wonderful views and a great feeling of excitement since we really made it back to the trail right where we left off. To me it was like I never left.

The weather was perfect. I had imagined a rainy, dreary hike. And indeed when we got off the plane in Portland that's what it looked like. A sky full of heavy black clouds. It was cool and sunny.

The hike was easy. The trail stayed next to the road for a few miles. Then we did a gentle climb for a 400 foot gain. At one point we had a great view of the Columbia river and a huge dam.

Next we stopped at a nice lake where most went in for a swim. Then a slightly more graded climb for 1200 feet. We stopped at about 5:00 to camp. We only hiked 7.5 miles, better than our minimum goal of 5.

We are camped in a lush forest, much like most of Oregon. There are mosquitoes but not nearly as bad as Oregon.

It's been a pretty long day, so we are all tired. Bed by 7:30.=

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Dal, Ken, Tammy at LB Airport
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JetBlue Plane -- the one we actually rode to Portland.
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Paul, Tammy, Ken in Back seat of Taxi in Portland.
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Ken, Tammy walking across Bridge of Gods -- The actual starting point of the Washington PCT.
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View from Bridge of Gods.
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In WA, walking along the road to find the trail.
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Leaving Cascade Locks.
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Tammy and Ken at first camp of trip.