Typical Scenery for Today.

PCT 2010, Day 36 -- 9/5/10

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COLD. That describes today. At least one aspect of it. The predicted storm really rolled in. It sprinkled a little last night and then we awoke to fog.

We start hiking at 8:00 up to a pass. The trail was in great condition. We climbed to 6800 feet. When we got to the top of the pass it was still very foggy. In just a few minutes after going over everything just appeared as we walked out of the fog. A wonderful view, as we were back on the crest. That's when we noticed how cold we were. We put on wind breakers.

We followed the crest for miles, walking by many named passes. At some point along the way it started snowing on us with little round hard white pellets, nothing I had ever seen before. It did this in varying intensities for the rest of the day.

Although we were walking through this interesting weather, we still had great views. We spent most of the day well above 6000 feet, which is pretty much the tops of the mountains around here.

It was cold so we hardly took any breaks. We stayed pretty warm while hiking. At about noon we passed Hart's Pass, which is a pass for the most Northern US road next to Canada. For this reason I expected the trail to be deserted, since anybody using it must be going to Canada. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were many people on the trail. Some camping, some day hiking from Hart's Pass. And I can see why, this area is gorgeous.

At the end of the day the spot we had selected to stay was pretty crowded with weekend hikers. (It's labor day weekend). So we hiked on to find a fabulous campsite 3 miles up the trail.

Just as we got a fire going it started to rain, on and off. I cooked my dinner by the fire and then ate it in the tent in my sleeping bag. Ken was going to do the same but then the rain let up so he ate by the fire. So we didn't eat together on what might be our last night together while doing the PCT.

I guess I am feeling a little sad that this multiyear adventure is coming to a close. We have only about 25 miles of trail left. We might finish tomorrow.

I can't wait to be done, mainly because I miss Carol. But even with the snow pellets and cold I had fun today.

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Fog comes and goes, hiding and then revealing the terrain below.
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Typical scenery for today.
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More scenery.
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35 Miles to go.
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More goats.
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Rare pic of us in the rain.
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One of many rainbows I saw today.