Me, at Home, all Done with Hiking.

PCT 2010, Day 38-- 9/7/10

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We made it home. Our thought was to get back into the US as quick as possible so that Ken's phone would work, and we could arrange travel. So At 11:00 on the 9/7, we took the only bus from the Manning Lodge to a somewhat smallish town called Abbotsford, which is near the US border. From there we shared a taxi with two other hikers to go across the border at Sumas. The taxis driver offered to take us about 40 miles into the US to a midsized town called Bellingham, which is located above Seattle on the I5.

The other hikers had a friend meeting them in Bellingham. That friend knew all about transportation, and give us a ride to a Bus station. From there we arranged the rest of our trip: a bus ride to Seattle, a stay in the same hotel that we stayed with Tammy about two weeks ago, and an early fight to Orange County (6:30 am).

On 9/8, we few home. We few over Mt. Rainier, which was a great reminder about our hike. We were so excited to be home.

Carol and Sami (my daughter-in-law), along with my two grand daughters met us at the airport. My grand daughters were a little frightened of me and Ken, I think because of our beards.

So now the trip is really over. I have shaved. All my hiking gear is washed and put away. I lost only about 10 pounds. It is strange, but great, to be back home.

These hikes have had such a large impact on my life. Its going to be hard to let it go and go back to work. But, praise God, life is wonderful.

Thanks for reading, may you have a wonderful adventure too.

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Ken on the Phone with Tammy at a Bus Station in Bellingham.
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The newspaper of this day, showing the date.
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Mt. Rainier from our plane as we flew home.
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Tight seats.
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Me, at home, in a resturant with my wife, after 38 days away.