Pacific Crest Trail in 2012: CA DESERT

Journal and Pictures:      First Day     Last Day    

Well... If you been keeping up with my PCT adventure, you probably know that I have been hiking this 2,658 mile trail with Kenneth and Wesley (my sons) for over a decade how. In 2010, I hiked Washington with Kenneth, and was with him at the Canadian border when he finished the PCT. In 2011, I did a 300 mile trip with Wesley in the Sierras that inculded about 60 miles of the PCT that were new to me.

This year it was my turn to finish the last section that I didn't do with Kenneth: 530 miles from the town of Idyllwild to the town of Kennedy Meadows at the base of the Sierras. These 530 miles completed the entire PCT for me.

Although this section has lots of mountians, it is very dry and desert like. There is even a flat 40 mile streach across the Tehachapi/Mojave desert. I was hoping for a easy passage, but I had more than the ususal difficulties: mainly bad blisters and rashes. Still, I am very happy to have done it.

I kept an online journal at I reprinted it in the pages to follow and included the pictures I took along the way.

Thanks for your interest... Dal.