Walking Under the I-10 Freeway

PCT 2012, Day 3 -- 5/3/12

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I am laying under the first tree that I have seen for 10 miles. It's more like an overgrown bush with a hole underneath. And I feel like I am going to die. I just walked 5 miles in the sun, with blisters on both feet that make me want to scream with each step. (My pain threshold is very low.) I probably took twice as many steps as normal because I was trying not to hurt the blisters. I also feel nauseated, not from lack of water this time, but due to just working out in the sun. Laying here doesn't seem to help.

Okay I have been here for about an hour now. I feel a little better, but still not wanting to move. After looking my maps (yes I actually have them for this section!), I realize that I made a wrong turn about a mile ago--I was suppose to meet up with Jack and Sweep for dinner at Whitewater reserve--which is not marked on my old map. (My old map shows a trout farm with a notice to stay away -- that has changed in the past 10 years.) After standing, which is a big deal for me, I start back down the trail and meet up with Jack, Sweep and Sweep's wife who drove up from town and is Angling for Sweep and Jack. They fed me the best dinner ever and we get a chance to know each other a little better. It is amazing how much in common we have.

And I notice another truism about hiking: in one moment you feel like dying, and not too long later you can feel pretty good.

But this has not been the best day. My trusty camera broke. And my blisters almost sent me home for a few days. But given the choice to go home at dinner I decided to stick with it.

Still, it has been a great trip: we got a taxi ride back to the trail this morning and started hiking where we left off yesterday. On the trail at 9:00 and by 10:15 we completed section "B" by walking under the 10 freeway. That was my goal in 2005 and now it is accomplished!

We had lunch under a shaded shack provided by the company that services the Windmills. Oh, I forgot to say that we walked by 100s of huge windmills this morning. The wind was ferocious -- they found a very good place for the windmill farm.

PCT hiking is amazing. The scenery is fantastic: to look back at the 10000 foot Mt. San Jacinto and know the we hiked all the way down is exhilarating. Also the people on the trail are wonderful. Just amazing.

Even with as much pain that I have been in today I still like being here!

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Flat walking to cross from the San Jacinto area to the San Gorgonio mountians.
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More of the same.
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The underpass at the I-10 Freeway. This was my original goal in 2005 with Kenneth.
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A small water cashe can be found in the underpass. This is the last picture before my camera broke. I have been carrying this camera for 6 years -- very sad to see it busted.