My Camping Spot at Whitewater Reserve

PCT 2012, Day 4 -- 5/4/12

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It's lunch time and I found a real tree next to a creek! This area is like a dessert, so this is a real blessing.

It has been a tough morning for me, again. My blisters are killing me again. But my real problem is the heat. I feel so sick, it's hard to keep going. I started hiking this morning at 6:30. I hiked till I found this tree at 11:45. I had to take an hour break cause I felt so sick. And then another half hour break. I did find a bush that offered shade for my long break, so that was good. Still my performance this morn was 2.2 miles/hour. Better than I thought but not as fast as I want.

Sweep and Jack (now Sister Sue) caught up with me at lunch. Nice to see them again. They left at 8:00 this morning. It will be hard to keep up with them.

I ended up taking a two hour lunch, and was back on the trail at 1:45 -- the hottest part of the day. I made pretty good time, but couldn't keep it up. I started feeling sick again and took long breaks. By 4:45 I couldn't force myself to keep going. After lying down for a few minutes I realized that I was hungry. So I cooked noodles. After a good dinner I felt much better and was able to hike another 2.5 miles before dark.

I ended up being only 1.6 miles away from where Sweep said he was going to camp. Instead I am camping with Dave and Lucky Man. I ate a second dinner while in my sleeping bag.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, say a good 20 miles or so.

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My camping spot last night at Whitewater Reserve. Taken with my iPhone. No more pictures today because my camera broke yesterday.