High Above Highway 178

PCT 2012, Day 39 -- 6/8/12

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Back to the trail today. Again I was a little apprehensive about returning to the trail, but I have a strong desire to finish this weekend and return to my wife.

I left the motel around 6:20 and walked to Dam's Dinner where I had another big breakfast. Then back to the freeway entrance where I thumbed for a ride. Two cars stopped in about 15 minutes, but neither could help me cause they weren't going far enough.

Realizing I would have a better chance for a ride if I could get closer to my destination, I walked over to the bus stop and waited 45 minutes to get a ride to Onyx, which is only 18 miles from the trail and anybody going by Onyx would be going all the way to the trail. After only 15 minutes of thumbing at Onyx a nice nurse picked me up and gave me a ride all the way to the trail. She was on her way to work and she regularly picks up hikers cause she likes our stories.

So I was on the trail at 9:30. This section is 50 miles with three major mountain ranges to cross and one minor ranges. The trail quickly rose away from the highway, and it seemed like in no time I had climbed over the first range. I had many great views of the desert and towns way below.

The trail is definitely becoming like the Sierras. There are majestic views, and granite rocks to cross, as well as places on the trail where it looks like dynamite was used to make the trail.

I had lunch on a ridge overlooking a vast mountain range. After lunch I had to hunt for more water, finally getting to a spring that was 1/4 mile off the trail as well as quite a drop down. There I met the only other hiker that I would see today, which is unusual for this trip.

I hiked till about 6:30, again slowed because of trying to find water and make decisions about how much to carry and where to spend the night.

I stopped at the base of the next big climb because I didn't think I would be able to find a flat spot to camp until the top. And I am pretty sure I would not make the top before dark.

The trail continues to be amazing. My body was working pretty good today, not much trouble with feet or rashes.

I am looking forward to my last full day on the PCT tomorrow.

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Back to the place where I hitched hiked to get to Lake Isabella.
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Quicky raising above Highway 178.
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Typical scenery up here.
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Starting to look a little like the high Sierras.
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Made it to the first creast.
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Trail as it leads into the Sierras.
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I feel so close now. Very happy.
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Camping spot for tonight.
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Dinner on the stove.