Top of Mount San Jacinto on a very nice day in July

Mount San Jacinto via Tram

On July 16, 2005 I had the pleasure of doing a one day hike to the top of Mt. San Jacinto with the Smiths. The Smiths are from Orlando FL, and are here ministering and vacationing for this summer.

We took the Palms Springs Tram into the San Jacinto Wilderness in the morning, and then hiked from the tram station to the peak. According to the map, the hike is about 6 miles and a 2500 foot climb. We left the tram at about 9:40, and were on top by 2:00 pm. We got back to the tram by 5:30, and then we went down into town for dinner. On top, the temperature felt like 75, but in town, the temp was 110 degrees.

In all, a very enjoyable trip. Some pictures on the next page.